Our Drinks

We’ve been making yogurt drinks for over 15 years, and have perfected the blend of traditional and modern tastes, which is why Edna the cow is leaping for joy on our labels.

Mango Sizes
Mango Nutritional Information
Mango Ingredients
MANGO lassi

Our best-seller and an absolute classic. Packed with the smooth rounded taste of Alphonso mangoes this lassi is sweet and rich, yet seductively low fat. An upbeat and healthy alternative to that cereal bar.

Lychee Nutritional Information
Lychee Ingredients
Lychee Sizes
LYCHEE lassi

The world’s first-ever lychee lassi. Don’t be put off by its questionable appearance, that funny looking lychee has a very special flavour all of its own. Delicious, juicy and low fat, no wonder it’s known as the fruit of beauty and well-being in Asia.

Passion Nutritional Information
Passion Ingredients
Passion Sizes
MANGO lassi

A truly exotic flavour, this drink has all the punch this intense fruit can muster - yet we blend it expertly into a smooth easygoing yogurt. Low-fat and with a tangy zest, it’s a real refreshing tropical treat.

Sweet Nutritional Information
Sweet Ingredients
Sweet Sizes
sweet lassi

Our Asian lassi smoothie blends a sweet cool yogurt with the aroma and warmth of cardamom. Don’t let its size fool you, that pod is full of taste and digestive power making it the perfect accompaniment to drink alongside a cooked dish. Nice but never naughty.

Ayran Nutritional Information
Ayran Ingredients
Ayran Sizes
MANGO lassi

A small amount of sea salt helps bring out the distinctive flavor of our fresh Ayran. Perfect to drink with any delicious Lebanese or Arabic dish. Fresh, filling and full of Middle Eastern promise.