We love food too much to rush things.

At BioGreen Dairy we’ve taken 25 years to develop our signature taste for the world to enjoy – a truly tasty blend of the traditional and modern, where East meets West. As artisans we don't do mass production. Our easy authentic food doesn't need gimmicks or speed - just the most delicious fruit, the freshest milk, plus a sprinkling of the healthiest and friendliest bacteria to create our little products of uplifting goodness.

As the number 1 ethnic dairy brand in Britain we know how to make 'go' food – great food.

We've been busy making our products at Home Farm for as long as passers by have seen our sign

Let us introduce you to Edna, our lucky BioGreen mascot. She's a happy cow with a leap in her stride and a swish in her tail. Guaranteed to make you smile.